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Dirty kitchen duct systems are not only a great fire risk, but the residue could also compromise food quality and potentially provide a nursery for bacteria. Filters simply cannot remove all of the vaporised oil released from the cooking process. 

R & S Grease Removal understands the high standards required from a business front of house from both owner and customer’s point of view. Whether you’re a homely traditional pub, a stylish boutique bar or exquisite fine dining establishment, hygiene and cleanliness is essential to your services.

The clean standard is verified with thorough, illustrated reports before and after the clean. We use a Wet Film to gauge to thickness of grease build-ups. Failing to efficiently address the issue can surely lead to complications in the future.

Duct Cleaning

Wellness, Safety and Insurance compliance.

Cover Cleaning

Complete commercial cover cleansing.

Extractor Cleaning

Air remove system cleansing.

Stove Cleaning

Commercial and Domestic.

Cooking Area Deep Clean

Fast and Reliable Service.

Simply cleaning exposed areas is not enough to fully address the risk.
A specialist company like R & S Grease Removal can offer you total peace of mind.

When do I need to clean my Ventilation System?

The Approved Code of Practice to Regulation 6 of the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) regulations 1992. This requires that any mechanical air flow systems are up to a clean standard. This includes cooling systems, which you use to give fresh air needs to be regularly and appropriately cleansed. It should be examined and preserved to ensure they are kept clean and without anything which might infect the air and cause illness.

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our grease cleaning services.

If you are looking for grease removal services in Northampton, you can speak to R & S Grease Removal for expert advice. We can clean all the grease in your system as well as provide effective extraction system cleaning for any commercial kitchen. We know that the commercial kitchen producers a certain amount of grease on a daily basis and this can easily build up within the extraction system. This grease can easily cause your system to malfunction or to stop performing as it should. It can even be a hazard and start a fire.