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At R & S Grease Removal, we understand that an extractor breaking down might cause unprecedented inconvenience and how frustrating this can be. This is why you can count on our repair team provide a reliable and timely service. All of our engineers are fully trained and certified to the highest industry standard for your peace of mind.

We offer our services at a fixed price, this means that our engineers do not add additional charges not included in your bill. The price we communicate to you is the cost that you will incur to get your fan running again. 

No Down Time

We provide replacement fans to ensure that your business does not experience any downtime while we are working on your faulty fan.

Cleaning the Fan

Extractor fans are just like vacuum cleaners; they both use motorised blades to remove dirt. Consequently, dirt will accumulate on the blades with time. Once your fan shows the aforementioned signs or becomes ineffective totally, you should always try cleaning the fan before purchasing a replacement.

  • Ensure that you wear gloves and put on a face mask to avoid breathing or touching the dirt and dust that the fan has been extracting. 
  • Please remember to always turn off the fan prior to cleaning.
  • Make up a cleaning solution in a basin using half water and half detergent. 
  • Remove loose dust from the blades using a vacuum cleaner before wiping them. Afterwards, dip a toothbrush in the solution earlier made and use it to clean the corners. 
  • Ensure that the solution does not get into contact with the fans electrical components. 
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe the blades dry.  
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If you are looking for grease removal services in Northampton, you can speak to R & S Grease Removal for expert advice. We can clean all the grease in your system as well as provide effective extraction system cleaning for any commercial kitchen. We know that the commercial kitchen producers a certain amount of grease on a daily basis and this can easily build up within the extraction system. This grease can easily cause your system to malfunction or to stop performing as it should. It can even be a hazard and start a fire.