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Are you looking for a unique controller for your extractor fan in your commercial kitchen? R & S Grease Removal are pleased to introduce our new 6-amp speed controller system which can be incorporated into your existing extraction system.

Our six-speed control system is uniquely designed to provide superior and efficient grease extraction in a commercial kitchen.

This control is made with two sockets on the front, which regulates your fan intake and extraction system. It has a total of three knobs that are used to control it. There are three controls numbered, which are listed below along with a brief explanation of their purposes.

  1. This control is used to set a certain speed, which is the minimum speed that is required for your kitchen, depending on the time and the activities taking place. Please make sure to keep it as high as you need it to be to keep it at a negative pressure.
  2. This control is used for the temperature that you decide to set it on.
  3. The third control is used to set a maximum setting. This is very useful when you are using a large duct fan in a large commercial kitchen.
 feature image6 AMP Fan Speed Controller

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our grease cleaning services.

If you are looking for grease removal services in Northampton, you can speak to R & S Grease Removal for expert advice. We can clean all the grease in your system as well as provide effective extraction system cleaning for any commercial kitchen. We know that the commercial kitchen producers a certain amount of grease on a daily basis and this can easily build up within the extraction system. This grease can easily cause your system to malfunction or to stop performing as it should. It can even be a hazard and start a fire.